The project “Empowerment of Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – The journey goes on” is financed by UNICEF Office in Kosovo implemented by Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF.

The main aim of the project is empowerment of KOMF to act as a strong advocate for child rights in Kosovo based on the objectives of the development plan, devoted to the development of the coalition and member organizations.

Expected results:

  • Establishment of Thematic Working Groups in Education, Health, Social Welfare & Child Protection and for the Development of the Coalition. Thematic Working Groups are established within KOMF based on the profiles and field of expertise of members as the main recommendation as a solution for the further strengthening the development of human resources and organizational capacities.
  • Synchronized strategies will be developed in the field of Education, Health, Social Welfare &Child Protection and in the Development of the Coalition.
  • KOMF and its member’s capacities in organizational development and fundraising will be increased through development of the Strategic Planning, Fund Raising Strategy, Governance Manual and trainings on fundraising.

UNICEF was one of the main supporters of KOMF since its establishment and continues to support coalition empowerment.