The Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF, has launched an awareness campaign regarding the decentralization process of social and family services and it has published a video animation.

Social and family services should be provided to all citizens in need of social protection. In order to bring social services as close as possible to the citizens, the decentralization of services has started in 2009, where the competencies have been transferred from the central level to the local level. However, even after 10 years, this process has not been implemented. KOMF has monitored the implementation of decentralization of social services for 2019, where as a result it has published the report “My Municipality, My Social Right” which presents the difficult situation in the social welfare sector.

In line with this report, KOMF has launched an awareness video aiming to mobilize institutions for investment in the social welfare sector.

The production of this video was supported under the project “Joint Action for Decentralization” funded by European Union and managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo, which is implemented by Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF, in partnership with Organization for Children without Parental Care – OFAP, SOS Children’s Villages in Kosovo and KMOP.