Thematic Group on Children’s Rights in Health under the Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF, held the online meeting where they discussed mainly on children’s health care during COVID-19 pandemic.

Among others, during this meeting members discussed about activities held until now and proposed several ideas on how to protect children’s rights during this crisis.

Proposals of the Thematic Group on Children’s Rights in Health:

  • Send a request to the Ministry of Health and the Directorates of Health and Social Welfare to provide insulin for children with type 1 diabetes. This proposal came as a result of the situation on the ground, where Solidar Suisse noted that during pandemic, access to this insulin is difficult and the price of insulin is too high for families to buy it individually.
  • Send a request to the responsible institutions (MoH, MEST and municipalities) in order to address the serious condition of children with disabilities during pandemic situation. Specifically, to ensure the provision of health, psychological and social services for children with disabilities, services which in normal circumstances have been received in day care centers for children with disabilities. This request should be addressed in coordination with the Thematic Group on Education and Thematic Group on Child Protection and Welfare, in order to ensure that online education is comprehensive for the needs of children with disabilities. Also, through the public broadcaster to provide programs with instructions and advices to support parents who have children with disabilities, in this period of pandemic.
  • The awareness campaign #rriNshpi should be expanded with the participation of well-known personalities in Kosovo, who can convey messages while conducting activities with their children.

Participants in the meeting were: Action for Mothers and Children – AMC, Patients’ Rights Association in Kosova – PRAK, Solidar Suisse, Labyrinth and KOMF secretariat.