The Coalition of NGOs on Child Protection – KOMF, has held the next meeting of the Thematic Group on Child Protection and Welfare within KOMF, which due to pandemic COVID-19 was organized online. In this meeting, was presented a summary of activities from the first quarter of 2020.

At the meeting, members of Thematic Group on Child Protection and Welfare validated:

  • Annual Monitoring Report on Social Services Decentralization Process for 2020
  • KOMF’s Position Paper on the Law on Social and Family Services

The publication of the two reports will be done depending on the circumstances and measures that will be taken by the institutions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Members discussed the possibility of publishing documents through conferences only with media and online platforms.

In this meeting was presented for the first time Draft position of KOMF on Law on Local Government Finance, focusing on the creation of a Specific Grant for Social Services. Members will submit comments regarding the draft position of KOMF for the Law on Local Government Finance, in order to finalize the position paper.

Participants in the meeting were: Terre des hommes, SOS Kosovo Children’s Villages, AKTI, Save the Children, HANDIKOS, Organization for Children without Parental Care – OFAP, Autism, Qendra për Mbrojtjen e Viktimave dhe Parandalimin e Trafikimit të Qenieve Njerëzore, CIPOF, World Vision, NGO Labyrinth, PEN – Peer Educators Network, Association of Kosovo Municipalities and Vjollca Krasniqi – Expert.