Children in Kosovo consist of 30% of the general population. In a collective manner we all have the responsibility to raise awareness of the society for the protection of children’s rights. KOMF in partnership with UNICEF aims to broaden the concept of child protection, through giving the message that “Responsibility to protect children’s rights is a responsibility of every one”.

Fortunately, Kosovo enjoys support in the field of child rights protection from donors community, civil society, business sector, individuals, media, etc. This support consists in financial support, voluntary work, service provision, advancing of policies and legislation, awareness raising, public education, etc.

In order to further increase support for the protection of children’s rights in Kosovo, to encourage and empower social responsibility of business sector, nongovernmental sector, as well as the individual responsibility to protect children’s rights, KOMF in partnership with UNICEF awards Prizes “Friend of Children”, for the main contributors during 2018 in the field of protection of children’s rights.

“Friend of Children” Awards, provides an opportunity to publicly acknowledge efforts, engagement and energy of many corporate, businesses, personalities, individuals, who give an important contribution in Kosovo for the protection of children’s rights. At the same time, this is expected to impact on the education of the society to support the cause of child protection.

Prizes will be awarded in February 2019. The awards ceremony will be covered by Media, with the participation of representatives from diplomatic bodies in Kosovo, civil society, international agencies, public sector, business sector, community, etc.

Type of the Awards

Awards will consist of Acknowledgements for the main contributors during 2018 in the field of child protection. Awards will not consist of monetary value rather than an acknowledgement for the given contribution.


Candidates must have contributed in the field of protection of child rights in Kosovo during 2018, including but not limited, in the field of protection and social welfare, health, education, justice, etc.

Candidates can be legal entities such as corporate, businesses, banks, diplomatic corps, mediums, or personalities and community individuals.

Priority will be given to candidates who have voluntarily contributed for children, which is not a core part of their daily professional engagement. 

Selection criteria

Selection criteria will include:

  • Extension, field of operation of the service/action/initiative/impact/effort/persistence;
  • Quality and/or quantity of change /impact in the society;
  • Extension of the innovation as part of the impact / change;
  • Demonstrated passion;
  • Continuity and sustainability in provision of support.

Selection procedure

Selection procedure for the main contributors of 2018 in the field of child rights and child protection, will be transparent, requiring the rigorous fulfillment of the criteria:

  • Nominations are open to everyone. KOMF will advertise the call for nominations in its official page and social networks with the defined deadline to send nominations. Candidates can be self nominated or nominated by others. You can nominate one or more candidates for these awards.
  • In order for a nomination to be eligible, the nomination form which is attached as an annex at the end of the Terms of References, must be fulfilled. Nominations should consist of the name of the nominated person/entity/business that provided their help and support to vulnerable categories of children during 2018, and the respective justification of the nomination. The justification must be detailed, containing all the relevant information on the contribution and the reasons why the candidate is nominated for this award.
  • Nominations and justifications should be sent to: until 18 January 2019, at: 16:00.

KOMF will award six Acknowledgements “Friend of Children” for 2018.  Assessment Panel for the selection of winnersNominations will be evaluated by the “Assessment Panel”. The members of the panel will be selected based on their passion and/or engagement to make changes in the lives of children. Members of the panel can belong to the sector of child rights, civil society, business sector, university, community, media, etc.  After the decision of the panel, KOMF will take and announce the final decision on the winners.

  • Panel will consist of five professionals, out of KOMF, to maintain transparency and avoid conflict of interest;
  • KOMF will send official invitations for voluntary participation for the professionals of the Panel that will assess nominations;
  • Panel will gather to assess nominations and relevance of provided justification. At the end of the assessment, the panel takes a written decision on the winners of acknowledgements and provides the justification respectively for each of the winners;
  • KOMF takes and announces the final decision on the approval of winners decided by the assessment panel.

Award Process – Tentative dates

Phase Date
Announce Call for Nominations From 10 January 2019
Closure of nominations 18 January 2019
Evaluation and decision of the panel Until 01 February 2019
Announcement of winners from KOMF Until 08 February 2019
Award ceremony During February 2019


Click here to download the Terms of Reference and Nomination Form: