Function: Production of a Video
Place of Work: Prishtina, Kosovo


Domestic violence, gender-based violence and physical punishment of children represent a widespread phenomenon in Kosovo. Findings from latest studies indicate that patriarchal family structure, traditional social norms and cultural attitudes reinforcing violent practices are still prevalent in Kosovo. Despite many efforts of international and national organizations on addressing issues related to domestic violence in Kosovo and the fact that Kosovo* has an appropriate legal and institutional framework in place to address domestic violence and gender-based violence, a lot remains to be done in terms of prevention and addressing violent practices within the family.

Violence experienced or witnessed by a child at an early age, when the brain and body are at a crucial stage of development, can cause lifelong damage. It affects children’s physical and mental health, compromises their ability to learn and socialize, and undermines their development as functional adults and good parents later in life. People who experience maltreatment as children are more at risk for developing health conditions and chronic diseases as adults (heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease, liver disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and overall poor health. Maltreatment in childhood is also strongly correlated to unhealthy behaviours in adulthood, such as cigarette smoking, unhealthy eating, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and attempted suicide.

About KOMF:

Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF, established in June 2011, is a coalition composed of 27 local and international NGOs working in the child protection field, with the joint mission to advocate and protect the rights of children in Kosovo. KOMF, in frame of the project “Stop Violence against Children”, supported by UNICEF and EU, publishes this call for Multimedia Communication Company to produce an awareness raising video on child protection field.


The main objective of this awareness raising video is to enhance awareness of wider public in Kosovo for referring cases of children being at risk and/or victims of violence.

Targeted Audience: 

  • Parents, children, schools
  • Policy makers;
  • Municipal authorities, such as Mayors and key decision makers at municipal level, and other stakeholders at central and local level;
  • International Organizations, UN Agencies as well as NGOs, media, representatives of embassies;
  • The wider public in Kosovo.

Scope of Work:

The producer will be expected to produce, edit and add Albanian voice over, English and Serbian subtitles and music to the cohesive video, in order to convey and represent the aim of “Protection of children being at risk and/or victims of violence”. One minute video for wider public awareness in Kosovo on the need to refer and protect the cases of children being at risk and / or victims of violence.


The company should take special care if planning to expose a child to a video. The document signed by the parent or guardian must be requested in advance.

General conditions:

The company shall:

• Be a registered business in Kosovo;
• Have minimum of three years of experience in video production and other multimedia services;
• Previous experience working with Non-Governmental Organizations, International Agencies is considered an asset;
• Coordinate video development with KOMF and consider it final after KOMF approval;


•High quality video that fulfill all of the terms mentioned in terms of reference.

Application Summary:

Interested companies shall include these documents:
• Brief Background of the company/CV;
• Confirmation of company registration;
• Materials or videos developed;
• The proposed scenario;
•  Technical proposal of the proposed video (Specifications for equipment, tools);
• Price Offer;


Interested companies must send their application documents (mentioned above) in a sealed envelope no later than 25.06.2018, 16:00 hrs, at  KOMF office, address: Zenel Salihu, OB.1 HY.1 K.3 No.16,10000 Pristina, Kosovo.

For any technical question related to your application, please contact us at: info@komfkosova.org