This factsheet is largely based on the inputs and observations of seven organisations working in child protection in Kosovo. As the survey was shared through child protection national coalition KOMF, also the respondents are coalition members. Currently there is no national level INSPIRE working group in Kosovo and the INSPIRE strategies are relatively not very familiar within the NGO community. However, the organisations that took part in the mapping the survey conduct activities that directly relate to one or more of the INSPIRE strategies.

This document was drafted under the project “Building Regional and National Capacities to Disseminate and Promote the Implementation of the INSPIRE Package in the Extended Black Sea Region 2019 – 2020” which aims to provide a sustainable financing of services for ending violence against children and conduct social media campaigns nationally and regionally to increase the awareness at national level, targeting the wide population and institutions, on child protection, promotion of positive parenting and disciplining methods, referral and protection of children.

Please click here to see the Kosovo Report on INSPIRE Strategies to End Violence Against Children.