“Organisation for Children without Parental Care – OFAP”, is a national humanitarian association, aiming at protection of children without parental care in Kosovo. The NGO’s mission is for every abandoned child and every child without parental care, to provide a family to live in, grow up in, feel part of that family and have the needed love in a family environment rather than an institutional one.

Association for Social Training, Research and Advocacy (ASTRA), is focused on science researches, advocacy, standards of social services and capacity building of government institutions and civil society. ASTRA contributed to the process of decentralization of social services through organizing trainings and workshops for social service providers in central and local level.

Action for Mothers and Children – AMC is a non-for-profit foundation with the foremost goal to save the lives of children and improve the health care for mothers in the Republic of Kosovo through developing better systems for the care of pregnant women, and their children. It has been established since 2009 as Foundation for Healthy Mothers and Babies and grown into Action for Mothers and Children since 2013.

Balkan Sunflowers Kosova is a local NGOs which main goal is to building activist lives in order to trigger  social change. Balkan Sunflowers Kosova is totally inspired and engaged in community based actions in order to protect and respect human rights and dignity, working in fields such as education, health, culture, citizenship, employment, as well as increasing respect for diversity.

Childproof/CIPOF founded in 2008, is a non-governmental organization with the focus on community development with the aim for better education with particular attention to preschool.

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Education Comes First was established with the mission to promote education by offering contemporary education programs to help and advance children and adolescents. To accomplish this goal, the activities that the organization undertakes are the proces of learning through games, creative work, activities with innovative technology, consulting, awareness raising workshops and campaigns.

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HANDIKOS – Association of Paraplegics and Paralyzed Children of Kosova was founded in 1983 with the main objective to improve the rights and living standards of persons with disabilities in Kosovo. HandiKOS represents and supports persons with disabilities through advocacy and lobbying, offers various services through a network spread throughout Kosovo and promotes equal, independent and dignified life for all persons with disabilities.

Initiative 6 is a local organization based in Prizren, which is focused in the prevention, education and reintegration programs of children, especially from Roma, Ashkali, Egyptians communities. Iniciativa 6 develops projects related to integration of children in the preschool education system and organizes training for teachers regarding reintegration of children, through psycho-social activities for children in schools.

PEMA is a non-governmental organisation working hand in hand with national and local authorities, as well as local institutions and other organisations to provide community based social services to children with disabilities and neglected children. PEMA reaches some of the most vulnerable children in Kosovo.

PRAK Kosova – Shoqata e të Drejtave të Pacientëve në Kosovë is a non-governmental organization established on 31 January 2013.The mission of the organization is to put patients at the center of the health system, promoting and protecting their rights.
Target Group of the organization are all citizens who seek health care without distinction.

Kosova Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims KRCT, founded in 1999 aims treatment and rehabilitation for the victims of torture and traumatized persons of the war in Kosovo. Its main goal is to protect and advance the fundamental rights and freedoms of the torture victims through psycho-social and medical rehabilitation as well as legal aid.

Organizata Akti – is an NGO based in Fushe Kosovo, which has in its focus the youth in Kosovo. Its mission is to contribute to the formation of a healthy youth through educational programs, health, sports, recreation, entertainment, cultural, so that all young people feel equal although being of different ethnicities. Akti organizes various activities for the youth empowerment.

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OPFAKKOS “Prindi & Fëmiu” – aim and activities are lobbying, advocacy and protection of the rights of children and persons with desibilities in Kosovo, through public awareness regarding the reintegration of children and persons with disabilities. OPFAKKOS develops activities in almost all parts of Kosovo, and has branches in 25 municipalities and about 2000 members.

Civil Rights Program – CRP/K provides free legal assistance and counseling for returnees, asylum seekers, displaced persons in Kosovo, those at risk of statelessness and to persons who are considered to be vulnerable in realization of their civil rights. Such help is provided without discrimination of any kind. CRP/K presents the beneficiaries in the procedures before court.

PL4Y International (previously named Sport Sans Frontières) is a French NGO which was founded in 1999. Since 2002 PL4Y International operates in the territory of Kosovo. Its main aim is to use sport and non competitive sport activities as a mean to educate and empower children, in order to reduce prejudice by bringing together different communities through sport.

Kosovo Education Center – KEC aims to develop the capacity for the advancement of the education system, through provision of services and high quality resources and through active cooperation with all interested parties in and out of the country. The main goal is to build an efficient and inclusive education system by enabling citizens to longlife learning process and to actively participate in the democratic life.

Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings – addresses the causes and consequences of violence through a multi-sectoral approach and facilitates the empowerment of the targeted population, by offering: social assistance to victims and potential victims of trafficking, prevention and education, advocacy and information, raising awareness, empowering, rehabilitation and long-term reintegration of victims and potential victims.

Center for Advanced Studies FIT, was founded in 2011. Its main objectives are: to contribute in the field of education aiming to raise awareness on important political, social and economical developments in the country,  to improve the situation of beneficiaries during different projects implementation, and to link experts from Kosovo and to link experts from Kosovo and the region in order to exchange experiences and to cooperate for resolving issues of the Kosovo society.

Save the Children – The success of the SCiK’s program in Kosovo is based on direct interventions, establishing good practices and capacity building of civil society to respond to the needs of children. SCiK is committed to legislation and policies that include comprehensive practices to be followed with financial assets in order to achieve positive and sustainable changes.

SOS Village’s of Children in Kosovo – is an organization dealing with social care dedicated to support children without parental care and children in need, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity and religion. SOS Villages provides accommodation, care and education through five projects: SOS Family, Family Empowering Program, Kindergarten “SOS Kinderdorf, the House of Youth and project on short and midterm sheltering for children in need.

Shpresa dhe Shtëpi për Fëmijët (SDSF) – is a non-governmental local organization that provides housing for children in need of protection (children without parental care, abused and mistreated and children victims of trafficking (low risk). SDSF provides medical / psychological services and education, rehabilitation and reintegration of children placed, until the family reunion or other alternatives will take place.

Terre des hommes is a Swiss foundation, which is contributing through the child protection program in order to build the child protection system in Kosovo. This is aiming at strengthening the capacity of state institutions working to protect children at the local level and through increased coordination between them in order to create an efficient system of case management for children in need of protection.

The Ideas Partnership – TIP works mainly in areas of education, advocacy, and female and non-majority empowerment, particularly within the Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities of Kosovo. TIP is active in five municipalities with a central office in Prishtina. TIP is the third-largest volunteer organization in Kosovo with around 100 volunteers.

Voice of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians – VoRAE aims to improve the lives of these communities and support their integration into Kosovo society by advocating for their rights, living conditions and general situation before the competent domestic and international authorities and/or organizations.

World Vision is a global Christian humanitarian organization dedicated in working with children, families and the wider community to achieve their full potential by fighting the causes of poverty and injustice. Since 1999, World Vision has helped hundreds of families throughout Kosovo by helping them to restore their life. World Vision serves to all people in need, regardless to their religion, ethnicity or gender.

Public Organization for Local Initiatives and Supports – POLIS is an organization that aims to improve good local governance through active citizen participation, monitoring institutions and promoting democratic values. POLIS is committed in implementing the values that contribute to efficient, effective, transparent, accountable, reliable and honest internal governance.

Public Organization for Local Initiatives and Supports – POLIS

Network of Peace Movement (NOPM)) works in strengthening local and central democracy, improving transparency such as participation in decision-making, integration and inter-ethnic dialogue and empowering women, youth and marginalized categories in the society of Kosovo. The main areas of NOPM’s work are advocacy on issues related to local governance with the main focus on increasing transparency, accountability and responsibility of local institutions..

Social-Educational Center SOS Kindergarten aims to provide day care services for children of ages 3-6 years old, to provide preschool education services for children of ages 5-6 years old, to promote and implement inclusive and social education as well as to provide training services for community aëareness and parent’s support for inclusive education and social inclusion.

Nevo Koncepti is a non-governmental organization founded on November 26, 2014. NVK cooperates ëith children, youth and families of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, public institutions, local and international organizations, media and other stakeholders. NVK has experience in the field of formal and non-formal education. It has contributed in increasing the number of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children involved in education system; reducing the cases of school withdrawals; increasing awareness of communities about the importance of education, health and social sectors; implementing children’s rights.