The provided model “Municipal Strategy and the Action Plan on the implementation of the rights of children” has been carried out as a conclusion of a one-year process during which KOMF through the provision of seven sub-financing grants to NGOs in seven municipalities has supported the process of drafting Municipal Regulations on the Rights of Children and the Strategy and the Action Plan on the Rights of Children in the following municipalities: Pristina, Drenas, FushëKosovë, Lipjan, Gjilan, Ferizaj and Peja.

This model has been provided to raise the awareness and commitment of the municipalities in order to put in the center of their attention and reinstate as a priority in their municipal governance agenda the issues dealing with and related to children. This document provides the opportunity for every municipality to engage and address issues related to children, aimed at implementing all the rights of children.

This Strategy and the Action Plan constitutethe responsibility and practical engagement of a friendly municipality for its children, aimed at decision-making, accountability and practical engagement towards the realization of the rights, fulfillment of children’s full potential and an additional opportunity for children to grow in safety, healthy and happy in the environments and communities where they develop their existence.

This model of Municipal Strategy and the Action Plan are provided as a reference model to all municipalities of Kosovo, giving them an opportunity to replicate the process and the drafting of the Municipal Regulation and the Strategy and the Action Plan on the Rights of Children within their municipalities.

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