Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF is implementing an EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo, entitled: “Protection of child rights in Kosovo”.  The project has started in January 2017 and will be implemented in two years.

The contract was signed in frame of the call for proposals: European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights – EIDHR (Lot 3 – The rights of children), which aims to help civil society to become an effective force for political reform and protection of human rights.

Through this project, KOMF will implement Child Protection Index 2.0, through collecting evidence and research regarding child protection system based on the indicators of the index. KOMF will address the findings and recommendations towards the Parliament, Government, Ombudsman and Media.

Whereas, with the aim of strengthening local organizations, 45% of the budget of this project, KOMF will distribute through sub grants to local NGOs from seven municipalities to strengthen their capacities in advocacy at the local level to improve protection of the rights of children. Local NGOs will support seven municipalities to compile action plans on child rights protection.

The project will also have an impact in increasing the Media broadcasting on issues related to child rights and child protection.