As we continue to stay home due to undertaken measures against the virus, the Coalition of NGOs foe Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF urges parents and custodians to develop as many educational and fun activities as possible with children. In this way, you will spend more attractive and healthy moments for the overall development of children.

In order to spend some productive time with your children in the family, KOMF is constantly publishing games for children of different ages on its official Facebook page. This will serve as a support for parents and custodians for being engaged in games that aim to foster children’s skills and improve their development.

Activities in our Facebook page are designed to develop the child’s cognitive capacity, sensory stimulation, motor skills, etc. After all, this will be a relaxing and entertaining time between parents and children, which will help them to reduce stress levels and will provide you calm and emotional balance.

Therefore, KOMF urges parents and custodians of children to follow games published on KOMF’s official Facebook page, in order to have as many fun activities as possible with children while keeping them safe within the family environment.

The Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF, is working intensively to start an official website to support parents and professionals for early childhood development.