Through a press release, KOMF has called on institutions and organizations to draft minimum standards for child protection.

With the aim to ensure the highest standards of professional behavior and personal practice to ensure no harm occurs in any situation to children and adolescents during their involvement in insitutions and organisations, KOMF  calls all the institutions, non-governmental and profit-making organizations working or which are in contact with children, to draft and adopt the minimum standards through adoption of Child Protection Policy.

According to the international conventions, the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and the relevant legislation in force, institutions and organisations working for children’s rights have an absolute duty to protect children from abuse, mistreatment, and exploitation within organisations. Without adequate standards and mechanisms for protection in place, institution or organization is not only failing in its primary duty of care, but may also be negligently or recklessly fostering an environment of abuse. Organizations without proper and explicit procedures in place, are at risk of being infiltrated by persons, such as pedophiles, who seek to abuse children.

Currently, public institutions in Kosovo do not have the minimum standards for creating a safe and protective environment for children.

KOMF calls on public educational, health, law enforcement and justice organizations and organizations working or in contact with children to immediately draft minimum standards based on the specifics of the institution / organization to ensure a safe environment for children. In addition to the drafting of minimum standards, organizations are strongly recommended to build capacities for child protection policy implementation.

In order to raise awareness of relevant actors (institutions, organizations and others), during 2018, KOMF has published the Child Protection Policy Model – minimum standards, with the general principles and framework that should contain a policy.

Child Protection Policy serves as a tool that enhances awareness and common understanding of abuse, and creates a system of prevention, response and protection of children from forms of abuse.

Once again, KOMF expresses willingness to support institutions and organizations in drafting minimum standards, but also in capacity building of professionals in their implementation.