Given the last occasion of sexual abuse of the student by the municipality of Drenas, Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF has strongly react, condemning the sexual abuse of the student, a minor from the Municipality of Drenas by the suspects and requires immediate measures against them which based on their legal and ethical obligations, should provided child protection.

KOMF requires from municipal institutions in the municipality of Drenas to immediately undertake all the necessary measures and services to ensure the protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of the victim. Services should also provide to the family to ensure that the family is a supportive, receptive and non-discriminatory environment, which also serves the victim’s rehabilitation and reintegration.

KOMF calls on law and order authorities, Kosovo Police, Prosecutor and the Court to take all measures to bring accountability and to punish the suspects for the respective offenses (sexual abuse of children, official duty abuse and others).

KOMF requires and calls on Media and all citizens to protect the victim’s personality and avoid stigmatization by not publishing and distributing images, pictures or data about the child and family.

Sexual abuse of students/children is unacceptable and contrary to legal and ethical provisions. Sexual abuse with children is contradictory to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo, the work of teachers relevant Regulations.

Sexual abuse of children is the most severe and extreme form of child abuse. It leaves traces of long-term consequences on children, causes severe physical and psychological harm, affects the development and future of the child.