Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF has successfully closed the project “Ending Violence Against Children” supported by EU and UNICEF. The project was implemented during the period March 2017 – October 2018.

Among the main achievements of the project are:

KOMF has conducted consultations to bring the attitudes of key civil society actors and representatives from the relevant public institutions, for reviewing and validating draft amendments affecting children in the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code, draft Civil Code and concept document for amending the Law on Social and Family Services. KOMF has conducted also consultations with children in order to get their views on violence, trafficking in children, and the changing of the identified laws and policies. Recommendations from these consultations have been sent to the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for supplementing/amending the Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, the drafting of draft Civil Code and the drafting of concept document for amending the Law on Social and Family Services.

Specifically, KOMF has sent to the Ministry of Justice draft articles and recommendations for supplementing / amending the Criminal Code on offenses against child trafficking, offenses against sexual integrity, child abuse in pornography, participation of children in armed conflicts, etc. A good part of KOMF proposed articles are included within the Criminal Code, such as: toughen the penalties for the offense of child trafficking, the offense of child abuse in pornography and the involvement of children in armed conflicts.

After one year intensive work and the development of series of public consultations with relevant stakeholders, KOMF in partnership with UNICEF, SOS Village’s of Children, Organisation for Children without Parental Care – OFAP, ASTRA, Terre des hommes and Save the Children in Kosovo have addressed a document with proposed articles on Family Law and draft Civil Code on child protection to the Ministry of Justice. The proposals affect the drafting and supplementing and amending of about 80 articles under the Family Law / Draft Civil Code. The submitted contribution is expected to advance legal provisions regarding the special forms of child protection, such as guardianship, adoption, foster care and residential care. KOMF will continuously follow this process and advocate for inclusion of  recommendations and proposed articles addressed.

KOMF drafted and addressed its position to Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for the concept document on the Law on Social and Family Services. KOMF proposed that this concept document should address proposals as follows: Determine the Social Services forms, empowering prevention and reintegration services, Organizing Social and Family Services (strengthening of an open service delivery scheme between public and non-governmental / private providers), Integration of social and family services on health and education services, Development and empowerment of family services and community-based services, reform of forms of protection, Increasing the quality of services, Accountability and Financing of social services.

KOMF has developed regional workshops with key actors of the institutions and civil society in the municipality of Prishtina, Prizren, Mitrovica, Gjilan and Ferizaj with the aim of empowering institutions and NGOs capacities in referral of children victims of violence, identification of necessary needs and relevant child protection services. About 100 representatives of the responsible institutions for the identification, referral and protection of children victims of violence were involved in the workshop, including representatives from the Departament of Education, Centers for Social Work, Victims Advocates, Probation Service, Kosovo Police and NGOs.

KOMF has produced an awareness raising video on protecting children from violence and respect of their rights. The spot aims to enhance awareness of wider public in Kosovo for referring cases of children being at risk and/or victims of violence.