Thematic Group on Education within KOMF has held an online meeting, where they discussed mainly on the situation created as a result of COVID 19 and planned further activities in order to ensure the rights of children in education.

Also during this meeting, it was discussed about the online platform for early childhood development which is being finalized and is expected to be launched soon by KOMF.

Thematic Group on Education decision were:

  • At the time of return from the pandemic situation, KOMF should be the coordinator to facilitate the coordination of activities between members, especially those activities that are for the same areas.
  • KOMF to send a request to the MEST to provide cooperation, either in working groups to create operational plans regarding the return of children to schools and other issues related to the field of education during this period.
  • KOMF to draft a document regarding the return to normality, where depending on the situation, to identify the priority issues which will be addressed to the MEST based on the expertise of member organizations.
  • Children from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities and other vulnerable children should be one of the priorities of KOMF to react on improving their position, especially in this period that has become even more difficult as a result of pandemic.
  • Thematic Group on Education members decided that Remzije Krasniqi from SOS Children’s Villages should represent KOMF in the Advisory Body for Early Childhood Care, Development and Education.
  • KOMF to send the assessment and recommendations regarding book package for the age groups of 5-6 years, as presented in the Recommendation policy on early childhood development.
  • The online platform for early childhood development will be launched through a press conference and social media .
    Members will send articles or materials for publication on the platform for early childhood development.

Immediately after the meeting, KOMF within the Thematic Education Group, sent the assessment and recommendations to the MEST, regarding the book package for the age groups of 5 – 6 years, as presented in the Recommendation policy for early childhood development.

Participants in the meeting were: Kosovo Education Center – KEC, SOS Kindergarten, Education Comes First, Balkan Sunflowers Kosovo, Save the Children, SOS Children’s Villages in Kosovo, Ideas Partnership, Childproof CIPOF, Terre des hommes, Center for Advanced Studies – FIT, HANDIKOS and KOMF secretariat.