KOMF through a press conference has launched the website on early childhood development “www.aferfemijes.org“.

Donjetë Kelmendi from KOMF said that since only about 6% of children are included in preschool institutions, the vast majority of children in the first years grow up at home, mainly with parents, grandparents, who need professional support for healthy child development.

Loreta Keqekolla from KOMF presented the website on early childhood development which aims to support parents, caregivers and service providers for early childhood development. This site provides current topics, activities, tips, guidelines, and discussions for parents, caregivers, and  service providers on early childhood development. Every activity and advice has an impact in building of an important base in the stages of child development.

The page “Afër fëmijës” will be continuously enriched and will be a dynamic page where, depending on the needs, new sections will be added.

*KOMF emphasizes that this site is an additional alternative resource that can be used by parents, caregivers, service providers and does not in any way replace the existing MESTI online platform for early childhood development.

KOMF invites parents, caregivers and service providers to visit www.aferfemijes.org to support early childhood development.