Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF has started to monitor the process of decentralization of social services, under the “Joint Action for Decentralization” project.

The process of decentralization of social services has started in 2009, by transferring competences from the central level (Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare) to the municipalities of Kosovo.

After decentralization, municipalities have the responsibility to provide social services in accordance with the Law on Local Self-Government and the Law on Social and Family Services. The transfer of social services management from the central level to the local level was done based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Local Government Administration, the Ministry of Finance and municipalities of Kosovo.

However, the decentralization process is still going through many challenges, by not being fully implemented. One of the main challenges remains to be the decentralization of the budget for social services.

In order to have a clear picture of the current situation, under “Joint Action on Decentralization” project, KOMF will conduct a monitoring process in five municipalities.

This monitoring process will result in the publication of a monitoring report which will serve to provide accurate findings regarding the current situation and to provide concrete recommendations for completing the decentralization process of social services.

“Joint Action for Decentralization”, is a project funded by the European Union and managed by the EU Office in Kosovo, implemented by the  Coalition of NGOs for Children Protection in Kosovo – KOMF in partnership with SOS Fshatrat e Fëmijëve Kosovë, Organizata për fëmijët pa kujdes prindëror – OFAP and KMOP.