The Coalition of NGOs Child Protection – KOMF in partnership and supported by SOS Children’s Villages in Kosovo, has started the process of drafting the Communication Strategy 2020-2023.

In order to identify the main needs and issues for the drafting of the Communication Strategy, KOMF held a two-day online consultative meeting with members and other partners of KOMF, where they discussed the concept of communication and its main aspects, identifying needs for improvement in the field of communication, thus addressing the main aspects to include in the Communication Strategy.

This consultative meeting precedes the process of drafting the Strategy and Action Plan for Communication towards the decentralization of social services. The document issued from this initial meeting with the main needs and recommendations, will serve as a basic document in the workshop for the drafting of the Communication Strategy. The meeting was chaired by Berat Kryeziu, Capacity Building and Research Specialist at SOS Children’s Villages in Kosovo.

This activity was held within the project “Joint Action for Decentralization”, a project funded by the European Union and managed by the EU Office in Kosovo, implemented by Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF in partnership with Organization for Children without Parental Care – OFAP, SOS Children’s Villages in Kosovo and KMOP.