Organization for Children without Parental Care – OFAP and KOMF organized a two-day workshop for the unification of the position on the Law on Social and Family Services, between KOMF, Ombudsman Institution, Association of Kosovo Municipalities, Association of Centers for Social Work .

In this workshop was presented the position of the Thematic Group on Child Protection within KOMF , for the Law on Social and Family Services , where the main points and recommendations of this position were discussed.

KOMF, the Ombudsman Institution, the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, the Association of Center for Social Works validated the joint official position, with the aim of raising a common voice for incorporating these recommendations into the Law.

This workshop was organised in frame of the project “Joint Action for Decentralization “, a project funded by the European Union and managed by the EU Office in Kosovo,  implemented by Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF in partnership with the Organization for Children without Parental Care – OFAP, SOS Fshatrat e Fëmijëve Kosovë dhe KMOP.