Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF in partnership and supported by EU and UNICEF under the project “Ending Violence Against Children” conducted consultations to bring the attitudes of key civil society actors and representatives from the relevant public institutions, for reviewing and validating draft amendments affecting children in the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code.

Participants in the roundtable were representatives of civil society and representatives from all levels such as legal offices of relevant institutions, prosecutors, judges, representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ombudsperson Institution, Kosovo Police, UNICEF and experts of the field.

At the same time, KOMF has conducted consultations with children in order to get their views on violence, trafficking in children, and the changing of the identified laws and policies.

Recommendations from these consultations have been sent to the Ministry of Justice for supplementing/amending the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code.

Recommendations sent include: child trafficking, offenses against sexual integrity, child abuse in pornography, etc.

KOMF will follow the inclusion of recommendations provided during the process of amending the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code.