Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF condemns the assault and violence perpetrated on a 7-year-old child with initials K.M, by an adult in the Municipality of Istog.

Based on the legislation, KOMF is asking the responsible institutions to undertake the necessary measures to punish the suspected person for committing violence.

According to the information presented in the media, it was reported that “The 7-year-old girl, occasionally shows up near the store where it was assaulted, to beg with some other friends. However, according to the owner of the store, these children have never caused any problems”.

Therefore, KOMF requests from the Center for Social Work in the Municipality of Istog to evaluate the case and provide social and family services for the child and her family.

Through this reaction, KOMF expresses its concern about the high level of violence against children in Kosovo, emphasizing that any form of violence in any environment, family, educational institutions, care institutions, justice system institutions and community is prohibited.

Child protection institutions are obliged to develop and implement social programs that provide child and family support in order to prevent danger caused to their life, violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation.

KOMF urges the relevant institutions to develop and implement educational programs that sensitize citizens about the values and importance of diversity, protecting children from any form of violence and child care.