On the occasion of the World Down Syndrome Day, Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF calls on all institutions at central and local level to increase attention and investment, as well as to ensure equal care and rights for all children with Down Syndrome.

Unfortunately, the majority of children with disabilities in Kosovo still live in difficult conditions and do not fully enjoy their rights. Community social services for children with disabilities are very limited. Moreover, these services are limited also in terms of their scope in certain municipalities and locations. The sporadic nature of these services minimizes the full inclusion of children with disabilities and limits a long-term rehabilitation plan that helps children with disabilities to fulfill their potential.

Kosovo Government and Municipalities should invest more by making priority the protection of children with disabilities by allocating the necessary budget for the implementation of policies, laws and strategies in the health, social and educational sectors. All responsible institutions should undertake concrete and immediate steps to establish and develop services and to enable access, so that all children are provided adequate services without discrimination, the right to quality education, health and wellbeing.

The protection and rights of these children should be a priority for both the government and policy-makers and our entire society. Against this, KOMF once again calls for the commitment of all institutions, decision-makers and professionals with a child protection mandate to improve the current critical situation, while always protecting the best interests of children.