Thematic Group of KOMF for Child Rights to Health held a meeting with the Minister of Health Uran Ismaili in order to discuss the objectives and the possibilities of cooperation for children’s rights to a better health.

The Minister Ismaili expressed his willingness to cooperate with KOMF on advancing children’s rights to health.

KOMF provided to contribute and support processes for the protection of children’s rights in health sector.

In the meeting attended members of the Thematic Group, Besim Kodra from PRAK Kosovo, Samir Shahini – Balkan Sunflowers Kosovo, Donjeta Kelmendi and Arbnora Kllokoqi – KOMF.

KOMF Thematic Group for Child Rights to Health was established in August 2017 with the purpose of promoting child rights for quality and sustainable health services. During this time, the group has managed to expand and consolidate with other organizations within the coalition, establish co-operation with relevant institutions of health sector, create and establish an action plan, set up its priorities and publish the document for Child Rights to Health “Is my right to Health being accomplished? “, which provides an overview of some of the key areas which should be considered in the frame of policy development and implementation.