Representatives from KOMF Secretariat are attending the two-day meeting held in Tivat – Montenegro, with the coordinators from six countries: Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia and Georgia, to coordinate activities and the first steps towards designing the online START platform.

The aim of online START platform (knowledge hub) it to offer guidance for parents – home learning on how to support early development. START platform aspires to provide assistance to all parents with children aged 0 – 6 especially vulnerable ones, with easy accessible information and material related to ECEC so they can directly support early development of their children and hence contribute to the improvement of their start positions in life. By creating the online knowledge hub, they will be able to access to resources, exchange their experiences and provide peer-to-peer support to one another.

START platform is being developed in frame of the regional project “Supporting Toddlers/pre-schoolers Achievement through Refined Teaching (START)”, project financed by World Vision Germany.