Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF, held the closing conference of the project “Development of Early Childhood Intervention in Kosovo”, where published the Manual for Early Childhood Intervention. This project was funded by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and managed by the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Kosovo.

 The panel was consisted by: Donjeta Kelmendi, Executive Director of Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF, Labri Luzha – Head of Division for Early and Preschool Education, MEST, Hana Zylfiu – Haziri – Kosovo Education Center – KEC .

 Laberi Luzha from MEST, said that she welcomes the Guideline for Early Childhood Intervention, especially since it is published in the period when MEST is drafting the Law on Early Childhood Development. On the other hand, Hana Zylfiu – Haziri from KEC presented the Needs Assessment Report  on Early Childhood, drafted by KOMF, with the aim of further capacity building in the field of early childhood development in Kosovo.

 Donjeta Kelmendi from KOMF, presented the Manual for Early Childhood Intervention drafted by international experts from Bulgaria’s organization “Karin Dom”,  with practices and models of other countries as well as instructions on what actions Kosovo should take to further develop early childhood intervention.

Suggestions for development of policies and legislation on Intervention on Early Childhood:

  • Drafting and adoption of the ECI Law for establishing the Intervention on Early Childhood;
  • Drafting the National Strategy and Action Plan for ECI;
  • Adoption of instruments, regulations, standards for services and professionals and other relevant documents for ECI;
  • Adopt procedures for horizontal and vertical inter agency cooperation and coordination between services.

Suggestions for responsible institutions and structures for Early Childhood Intervention in central and local level:

  • Designate a leading ministry to play a leading role in strategic planning, gathering all stakeholders and ensuring the successful development, adoption and implementation of ECI policies;
  • Designate other responsible support ministries for the successful development and implementation of ECI policies and programs;
  • Establish a Cross-Sectoral Committee on ECI, with defined competencies. This body should draw up analysis of the situation; conduct consultative workshops at municipal, regional and central level; hold consultations with senior officials; review and approve ECI reports; provide guidance on the preparation of ECI instruments, regulations and other documents; hold public consultations with professionals and citizens to review legal documents; and review all ECI instruments;
  • The Intersectoral Committee on ECI reports to ministries and others during the various stages of drafting documents to ensure that they are fully engaged in their drafting.
  • Ministries and / or Assembly approve and monitor implementation of legal and strategic documents for ECI;
  • Establish Local Committees for ECI in municipalities.

Financing the National System for Early Childhood Intervention:

  • The Government of the Republic of Kosovo together with the municipalities should finance the ECI services. ECI services may also be supported by other sources.