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KOMF: Reforming the social assistance scheme should be based on the best interest of children


Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection– KOMF, which represents 27 non-governmental organizations in the field of child rights protection, led by the mission for the protection of children’s rights, requires from the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, that on the occasion of revising or reforming social policies for poverty reduction, namely reforming the social [...]

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Training on Child Protection Policy was held by KOMF


Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection - KOMF has held the training on Child Protection Policy, as a tool that enhances awareness and common understanding of abuse, and creates a system of prevention, response and protection of children from all forms of abuse. Training was organized with the financial support from Kosovo Education Center (KEC), [...]

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KOMF publishes the awareness raising Video on Child Rights


Arbnora Kllokoqi speaks on RTV 21 for the launching Video of KOMF on Child Rights and their Protection

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KOMF Position on Child Benefit


Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection - KOMF, on behalf of the mission to protect child rights in Kosovo, since 2015 has sent to the Government of Kosovo and political parties the recommendation for the planning and implementation of child benefit. In 2015, KOMF has offered this recommendation as a medium-term on given the fiscal [...]

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KOMF adressed a letter to the Minister of Finance for creation of a Specific Grant for Social Services


Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection - KOMF, representing twenty-seven non-governmental organizations, being aware that the Ministry of Finance has launched consultation process as part of the first phase of the concept-document on Law on Local Government Finance, has addressed to the Minister of Finance the proposal for the creation of a Specific Grant for [...]