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KOMF: Interruption of the teaching process, harms the best interest of children


Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF, has carefully followed the recent events in teaching process in the schools of the Republic of Kosovo, characterized by the obstruction of the teaching process by teachers strike. KOMF notes that the teaching process should not be interrupted for any reason and by any actor within and [...]

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Appeal of KOMF for the International Epilepsy Day


Appeal of KOMF for the International Epilepsy Day: Diseases like epilepsy unfortunately affect even children. These diseases require proper and costly treatment. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder marked by recurrent muscle cramps and loss of consciousness, affecting people of all ages, especially children. A large number of children with epilepsy suffer from stigma and discrimination. [...]

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Call for a Multimedia Communication Company to Produce a Video for KOMF


TERMS OF REFERENCES Function: Production of a Video Place of Work: Prishtina, Kosovo General Responsibilities: The post holder will conduct his/ her duties in respect of the charter and Child Protection Policy of KOMF, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), and will reflect professional conduct during the entire process. Background: Coalition of [...]

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KOMF published Child Protection Index 2.0



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Protection of children with disabilities Donjeta Kelmendi



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Children victims of drug abuse, unprotected by the state


KOMF through a press release has addressed the issue of children victims of drug abuse. "Based on the Child Protection Index 2.0 published by KOMF, Kosovo has achieved a score of 0.396 out of a possible score of 1.0 on preventing and protecting children who are victims of drug abuse. In protecting children from drug [...]

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KOMF main achievements of 2017


Advancement of the Legislation, where KOMF has contributed to drafting and completion of the: • Draft Law on Child Protection • Criminal Code of Kosovo • Penal Procedure Code • Family Law Monitoring the implementation of legislation, where KOMF worked on drafting the research and analysis: • Cross-comparison study between the Child Protection Index results [...]