June 2016

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KOMF: Institutional neglect causes serious consequences for children to death

June 9th, 2016|

Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection - KOMF which represents twenty-two non-governmental organizations, on 7 June 2016 through a press release expressed condolences to the family for the loss of their 3 years daughter in Prizren and wishes recovery for their daughter injured and other relatives as a result of the collapse the wall of the [...]

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KOMF organizes a one day training on the Child Protection Index in Kosovo

June 8th, 2016|

KOMF member organizations participated in a one day training on the Child Protection Index in Kosovo. During this one day training, the entire process of measuring child protection indicators was introduced, index preliminary results which have been measured in all the region providing thus comparable results were shared, and the methodology of measuring the indicators was [...]

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KOMF requires from Minister of Health more care for children

June 3rd, 2016|


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”Marriage under 16 is abuse”

June 3rd, 2016|


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Kosovo is still far from Europe – no social benefits for children [video]

June 3rd, 2016|


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Evening News 18.05.2016

June 3rd, 2016|


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”Friends of Children” become together, with the aim to advance child rights

June 3rd, 2016|


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”Friends of Children” become together

June 3rd, 2016|


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Platform “Friends of Children” launched

June 3rd, 2016|


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Platform “Friends of Children” was launched (VIDEO)

June 3rd, 2016|